Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In a nutshell

Full color, hard cover, 120 pages, off set printing.

After moving West initially propelled in heartbreak, the author is snug as a bug in her little vintage bungalow, blind terrier and gassy pug at her side, content that this is her life for her remaining adult years. But then comes a knock on her door.

Her quiet little life, in which she'd tucked away an old dream or two, evolves and expands as she never imagined-or did she?. Old barns speak, donkeys arrive by magical circumstances and pies are baked and shared.

A love story and memoir where baking pie helped a hurt heart but also was a conduit of sharing friendship. Includes Apifera's favorite pie recipes, written with engaging tips, like "dab cinnamon on your cheeks to attract butterflies, this will make the crust tender". Combines art and photography with calming words and inspires wing growth of all creatures. A beautiful gift book. Children and adults will enjoy making the pie recipes together.

This book will inspire anyone that has lost hope in their dream, or lost at love or those that have begun to think of their dream as "just not meant to be in this lifetime"

It will make you feel like you can grow wings.

And you might begin floating too.

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Monday, June 16, 2014

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I don’t remember the exact timing of when I consciously decided to start
baking more pie, but it was when I was living in my small midwestern
bungalow, together with a semi blind, almost deaf, but very loyal senior
fox terrier, and a little pug that emitted gas on a consistent basis. The man
who moved there with us on a beautiful spring day had chosen to leave us,
covertly, on a cold, icy winter night.

His departure was so sudden and shocking for me that I walked around for
weeks with my stomach always feeling like it was in my throat.  Instead of
actually lifting my feet to walk, I shuffled, and soon noticed my shoes had
worn down unevenly.


As the days ahead provided sunshine and warmth, I worked intently on my
garden.  Each evening, Martyn came over to see what I had done. Due to
his horticultural degree, he referred to all the plants in Latin, and this
both amused and intrigued me.

“A man that speaks Latin…” I said to the dogs. “Not many of those around.”


As I turned to leave, I thought, “If only you could talk, Barn.”

“Dream deep,” I heard.

It was a firm, but gentle voice, much like Martyn’s. I turned expecting to
see him next to me, but he was hundreds of feet away, close to the house.

As we left the farm property to return to the city, we were both lost in
thought. I was thinking about the gentle old barn, and how nice it would
be to have a flock of sheep and chickens to give it purpose again, and what
I would name the horse.

“The septic tank is about to blow, and the well is suspect,” Martyn said
very pragmatically.

“Hmmm,” I acknowledged politely.

But I knew we were going to live there.


The more I learned about her donkey, though, the more I started to take
notice of donkeys everywhere, in fields, on posters at the feed store, or in
parked trailers at stop signs. A small donkey also began to appear in my
paintings, often just a blurry element in the background, not quite formed.

I came to believe that a donkey should join us. But Martyn had wisely
created the Apifera Animal Acquisition Law: any animal brought onto the
farm must have a real job. He did this for the health of the farm and so we
wouldn’t be on the local news as a sanctuary for mice and roosters or
wounded skunks.


I began to see Pino as a magical ambassador, sharing love and healing
through his mere presence.

Carrying a pie basket in one hand and navigating a 250-pound donkey with
the other can lose its charm fast, especially in the hot summer when the
road dust is blowing and flies are biting. I needed to find a better way to
share my donkey and my pie.

I had no trailer, my car would not pull one, nor was I in a position to buy
a Pino Pie Pulling Truck. 


Table of Contents

Section One: Transported to Apifera

Broken Hearts Go West
{Hibernate, Percolate, Doubt, Believe}             

Interlude: How to Communicate with a Painting

Love Thy Neighbor
{Nesting, Share, Unexpected, Reawakened}

Interlude: Harvesting Apple Creatures

A Barn Speaks, A Donkey Arrives
{Listen, Evolve, Lessons, Purpose, Revelations}

Interlude: Finding an Animal’s Purpose

Bake It and They Will Come
{Build, Moments, Reinvent, Dream}

Interlude: How to Make a Raggedy Top Crust

Section Two: Pie Love

Pie of a Child & The Love of a Mother
{Resonance of the Pie}

Favorite Pies of Pigs, Poets & Ramblers
{Apple Pie for Dreamers}
{Motherly Pie Crust}
{Blackberry Pie for Theatrical Thinkers}
{Peach Pie for Poets}
{Lemon Chess Pie for Old Souls}
{Walnut Pie for Wanderers}
{Buttermilk Pie to Warm the Farmer’s Heart}

And the Dream Keeps Giving

Living the Circle

A Girl Named Emma

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