Tuesday, December 2, 2014

In a nutshell

Full color, hard cover, 120 pages, off set printing.

After moving West initially propelled in heartbreak, the author is snug as a bug in her little vintage bungalow, blind terrier and gassy pug at her side, content that this is her life for her remaining adult years. But then comes a knock on her door.

Her quiet little life, in which she'd tucked away an old dream or two, evolves and expands as she never imagined-or did she?. Old barns speak, donkeys arrive by magical circumstances and pies are baked and shared.

A love story and memoir where baking pie helped a hurt heart but also was a conduit of sharing friendship. Includes Apifera's favorite pie recipes, written with engaging tips, like "dab cinnamon on your cheeks to attract butterflies, this will make the crust tender". Combines art and photography with calming words and inspires wing growth of all creatures. A beautiful gift book. Children and adults will enjoy making the pie recipes together.

This book will inspire anyone that has lost hope in their dream, or lost at love or those that have begun to think of their dream as "just not meant to be in this lifetime"

It will make you feel like you can grow wings.

And you might begin floating too.

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