Support Apifera

Many people have been helpful in the making of this book, as well as in helping with my work with the Misfits themselves, donating money for feed,care and emergencies. These books are a tangible way for me to share what I do here-as artist, caretaker, hospice nurse, shepherd, farmer-with the outside world. They are also a way for me to share the love I have for animal, people, and farm.

So feel free to buy a book below at a higher price, so that some of the money goes to Apifera as a donation. Money is always used wisely here, and is always needed. I do all the animal work myself. You can also opt to donate an amount below and not receive anything except love and appreciation from me.

NOTE: if you choose to buy two books, they must both go to the same USA address. If you want one to go to a separate USA address, I will need to collect an additional $7 from you which I will do after you purchase.

{International buyers/donators will be assessed a separate extra shipping fee when buying a book here-of $25 or more depending on country of orgin.}