Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Table of Contents

Section One: Transported to Apifera

Broken Hearts Go West
{Hibernate, Percolate, Doubt, Believe}             

Interlude: How to Communicate with a Painting

Love Thy Neighbor
{Nesting, Share, Unexpected, Reawakened}

Interlude: Harvesting Apple Creatures

A Barn Speaks, A Donkey Arrives
{Listen, Evolve, Lessons, Purpose, Revelations}

Interlude: Finding an Animal’s Purpose

Bake It and They Will Come
{Build, Moments, Reinvent, Dream}

Interlude: How to Make a Raggedy Top Crust

Section Two: Pie Love

Pie of a Child & The Love of a Mother
{Resonance of the Pie}

Favorite Pies of Pigs, Poets & Ramblers
{Apple Pie for Dreamers}
{Motherly Pie Crust}
{Blackberry Pie for Theatrical Thinkers}
{Peach Pie for Poets}
{Lemon Chess Pie for Old Souls}
{Walnut Pie for Wanderers}
{Buttermilk Pie to Warm the Farmer’s Heart}

And the Dream Keeps Giving

Living the Circle

A Girl Named Emma