Thank you for buying a book! All prices in the drop down Paypal button below INCLUDE USA s/h.

International orders take note:
You can choose to hit the "Buy" button now, and I will email you with extra shipping that you need to pay. By hitting the 'Buy' button here, you accept these terms: Int'l buyers pay extra shipping that will be added to the total of the costs in the drop down window. I only ship Priority{which will be $20+ up for Int'l countries}. You may also contact me before committing to buying, and I can tell you the Int'l shipping cost.

All books are wrapped Apifera style and are signed in the inside title page.

Can I buy a copy of "Misfits of Love", and a copy of "Donkey Dream" at the same time?
Yes. Just pay for "2 Books: Misfits of Love & Donkey Dream" in the drop down Paypal button. But they must be shipped tot he same address. If you want one book shipped elsewhere in the USA, I can do that for $7. You will have to email me at the time of the order so I can charge extra.

Does your Apifera press take donations?
If you want to help support this indie press, putting extra money into Apifera Press's piggy bank for future printings, you may do so at this page.}