Monday, June 16, 2014

Buy the book

All prices in the drop down Paypal button below INCLUDE USA s/h.

International orders take note:
You can choose to hit the "Buy" button now, and I will email you with extra shipping that you need to pay. By hitting the 'Buy' button here, you accept these terms: Int'l buyers pay extra shipping that will be added to the total of the costs in the drop down window. I only ship Priority{which will be $20+ up for Int'l countries}. You may also contact me before committing to buying, and I can tell you the Int'l shipping cost.

All books are wrapped Apifera style and are signed in the inside title page.

Can I buy a copy of "Misfits of Love", and a copy of "Donkey Dream" at the same time?
Yes. Just pay for "2 Books: Misfits of Love & Donkey Dream" in the drop down Paypal button. But they must be shipped to the same address. If you want one book shipped elsewhere in the USA, I can do that for $7. You will have to email me at the time of the order and let me know, and I will charge you extra.

Does your Apifera take donations for the animlas?
Yes, you may do so at this page. Thanks!}